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Admin QuikView Solution for Dynamics CRM 2013

I decided to release this small (well very small compared to what we have by MVPs) solution I made for Dynamics CRM 2013. The solution “Admin QuikView” is aimed at providing a quick snapshot of a CRM Organisation’s Business Units, and the various Security Roles, Teams and Users in a hierarchical way.

Admin QuikView Solution for CRM 2013 - Image 01
Admin QuikView Solution for CRM 2013 – Image 01

Download Admin QuikView Solution for CRM 2013

Features of Admin QuikView

This solution basically displays a button in the Command Bar when you navigate to Settings > Administration of Dynamics CRM. Clicking it will bring up a page which displays the Business Units, and its Security Roles, Teams and Users in a tree view. Other features of this solution are:

  • Ability to collapse/expand the records displayed in the page. Initially everything is collapsed.
  • Only active records are displayed.
  • Total count of each record type is displayed.
  • Tool-tip showing information like created date and email for each record (if applicable).
  • Link to each record, so you can open it directly from the page.
  • Create new records for Business Units, Security Roles, Teams and Users directly from the page.
  • Records displayed based on current user’s permission/privilege. This means if a user doesn’t have access to a particular entity, records won’t be shown. This also applies for creation of records, where buttons won’t appear if the user doesn’t have rights.
  • Hotkey support for functionalities like expand all, collapse all, refresh, etc. The Hotkeys are available in the Help link. But I’ll still list them down for you here
    • X – Expand All
    • C – Collapse All
    • R – Refresh
    • B – New Business Unit
    • S – New Security Role
    • U – New User
    • T – New Team
    • H – Help

 How Admin QuikView looks like

This is how Admin QuikView solution looks like. Nothing fancy, plain simple metro design to keep in line with Dynamics CRM 2013 look and feel.

Admin QuikView Solution for CRM 2013 - Image 02
Admin QuikView Solution for CRM 2013 – Image 02

You can expand and collapse the tree using hotkeys or the buttons at the top. You can navigate to the records by clicking on the “View Record” link beside each record.

Admin QuikView Solution for CRM 2013 - Image 03
Admin QuikView Solution for CRM 2013 – Image 03

The “New” buttons allow you to create new records of the above four types directly from the page. Once you are done creating and saving the record, click “Refresh” or use the hotkey “R” and you should see your new record in the tree.

Admin QuikView Solution for CRM 2013 - Image 04
Admin QuikView Solution for CRM 2013 – Image 04

And last, the “Help” button which shows the help page. Well, it doesn’t contain much except the hotkeys. Although you can guess the hotkeys from the main page itself by looking at the underline below each letter.

Compatibility matrix of Admin QuikView

This solution has been tested on all major browsers and works for both online as well as on-premise CRM deployments. Following is the breakup:

  • Operating Systems:
    • Windows 7
    • Windows 8
    • Windows Server 2012
  • Browsers:
    • Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11
    • Firefox 26.0
    • Chrome 32.0.1700.107 m
    • Opera 19.0
    • Safari 5.1.7
  • Dynamics CRM 2013
    • Online
    • On-Premise

Safari tends to have some issues with Dynamics CRM 2013 itself. I am not sure if I am the only one facing it, but sometimes CRM dashboards would throw errors and the error reporting popup would come up. So, you might sometimes have issues with Admin QuikView displaying records in Safari, but a refresh would make it work.

Installing Admin QuikView

Installing AdminQuick view to your CRM Organisation is a piece of cake. Download the solution and simply import it. It  just 88 KB in size and contains independent web-resources, and nothing else. So, it won’t mess with your other solutions’ stuff.

Download Admin QuikView Solution for CRM 2013

Admin QuikView in CodePlex

I would like to acknowledge the following people:

If you come across any issues, please do let me know and I’ll try my best in fixing those. If you want to see anything added to the solution or modified, suggestions are always welcome.  🙂 Till then, hope this solution comes to your use.

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  1. Richard Richard

    I am using the lastest Rollup 17 on CRM 2011; any chance this might work on CRM 2011 as well? You haven’t mentioned whether this will work with 2011 or not. This would be a highly useful utility for us, so if it’s supported in 2011 that would be great.


    • Dynamotion Dynamotion

      Hi Richard,

      Unfortunately, this was not made keeping Dynamics CRM 2011 compatibility in mind. Other than the fact that the look and feel has been made like Dynamics CRM 2013, the core components might be compatible with CRM 2011 having the latest Rollups (14 onwards) installed. But I could be wrong. It was never tested in 2011.

      I suggest importing this solution in your Organization to see if it works. If not, just remove it. Either way it’s not going to impact because it’s a managed solution and also under 100KB.

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