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Bug in Dynamics 365 Update 2.1 where Two Options get reset

It’s been a pretty grueling week at work with all the issues we have been facing with our Staging environment but it’s been an intense learning experience as well I must say! This time, it’s about a bug that exists in Update 2.1 for Dynamics 365 (more information here). It’s related to Two Options, or the Boolean field as we might refer to it internally. Two Options, as the name specifies, are typically “Yes/No”, “Approved/Rejected”, etc. fields which can have either of the two options. It cannot have a null/blank value as Option Sets can.┬áThis means, when you define a Two Options field, you have to select a default value (which could be either Yes or No based on your requirement).

What’s the issue?

Once you apply the Update 2.1 for Dynamics 365 (On Premise), you are going to face a strange issue that will keep you busy for quite some time while you try to figure out the reason behind it. It resets all Two Option values for a record to the default intermittently! Strange right? But it’s true, and it’s been acknowledged by Microsoft (when I talked to a Support Personnel explaining the issue and he said apparently it’s a known issue and the development team will be fixing it in the next release). Also, one thing to be mentioned here is that “Auto Save” should have been on in your environment.

How do you reproduce it?

Here’s the catch! There is no specific event that triggers the reset of these values. You create a record, set a bunch of Two Option fields to “Yes” (considering their default value is “No”) and you save the record knowing that your values are now happily residing in the database. But guess what? You open up the record after a few hours or one fine day and find all your Two Options have been reset (to “No”). You’re furious, who did it? Well actually no human did it! It is the bug in Dynamics 365 that reset those values. How? We don’t know. It can happen at any time – after 5 mins, after an hour, after two days. I, personally, didn’t find anything (any event like Save, Load, etc.) that triggered it. If you enable auditing on those fields, you will find that all Two Option fields were reset at the same time by some “unknown” event thus confirming that it wasn’t someone who messed with those values.

Now, how do you fix it?

From what I was told by the Microsoft Support personnel, there is no patch (or database script) that you can expect to be given by them that will fix it for now. The next update (8.2.2) that’s due for release in probably 60 days will provide a fix for that.

So what do you do now? Wait for 60 days (at least) with this showstopper issue? Well, there is a workaround – you disable Auto Save. According to what I was told, disabling Auto Save or setting the Form Rendering mode to “Legacy Mode” will stop that issue from happening. Disabling Auto Save sounds like a much better option than setting Form Rendering to “Legacy Mode” to me, because you don’t want to slow down the performance of the forms. I guess users will have to do with hitting the “Save” button every now on then instead of relying on CRM to do the job!

I wish we found out about this issue before we upgraded our environment. Update 2.1 does come with a lot of bug fixes and enhancements, but this (and a couple of other really annoying bugs) can be something difficult to deal with!

Hopefully this helps you folks decide whether or not you actually want Update 2.1 in your environment(s)!

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  1. Lasa Lasa

    Hi Dynamotion,
    I am experiencing the same issue. Now its mid October and they are yet release a fix for it.
    Do you have any further update on this?

    Thanks in Advance,

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