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Passed the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customization and Configuration (MB2-716) Exam

Yesterday I reached a milestone, I passed the Dynamics 365 Customization and Configuration (MB2-716) examination! It’s been 3 long years since I had given the last Dynamics CRM examination and that was for Dynamics CRM 2013. So it was time to validate my skills and the examination did just that.

Here’s the link to Acclaim for the badge I earned! πŸ™‚

You can register for the exam here.

How long did it take to prepare?

Well technically speaking, I have only been “studying” for the last 2 weeks, approximately 2 hours every weekday and around 6-8 hours on weekends. However, this is something that will vary from person to person. I’ve known people who have just given it by studying for 3 days and some who have studied for a month. However, that being said, the advantage I had was that I have been working in Dynamics 365 from the day it was released, around October/November 2016.

But one thing to be mentioned here is that, no matter how experienced you are, always always do hands-on. It helps you understand and remember better. I even did hands on for modules and components I use every single day at work. It helps a lot!

What Study Materials did I use?

I followed one Bible, and that is written by a gentleman called Neil Parkhurst. He is a Microsoft MVP and this is his blog.Β He has an amazingly detailed revision guide for this exam, check it out here.

Other than that, I used some Microsoft articles to specifically study for the Mobile apps, Email integration and synchronization, Security Roles and some I don’t remember. πŸ™‚

I did not have access to Partner Portal. So if people are telling you that’s the only place to get materials for preparing for the exam, it’s wrong! You can pass the exam just by making sure that you cover each and every topic. But like I said, hands on is a MUST. When you play around, you think more and you learn more, just reading won’t excite your grey matter to such an extent.

Good luck to everyone who’s preparing for the exam!

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